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Nhacainga Conservancy, Coutada 9

Nhacainga Conservancy is a wildlife area that is being developed by the Duckworths withing theMatt Ochs - Sable Coutada lease in Manica Province, Mozambique. Prior to the civil war the Coutada was operated by Safirque and was renowned for its lion and buffalo. The area falls approximately half way between Chimoio and Tete. The hunting in Nhacainga is challenging and offers very exciting big game hunting. The habitat is very diverse with savanna woodland, tambooti forests, seasonal rivers with thick riverine vegetation and spetacular granite outcrops. As well as elephant hunting, liopn hunting and cape buffalo hunting the common plains, there is a limited quota of Lichtensteins hartebeest, sable, red duiker, oribi, reedbuck, samango monkey and suni.

Our operator in Mozambique is one of the leading safari companies in all of Africa. Established in 1979 it has over 25 years experience offering high quality personilzed hunting safaris.

Nhacainga Safaris areas in Mozambique offers excellent buffalo hunting, elephant and lion hunting. Trophy fees and options available on request.

Plains Game hunting is done starting at $400 per day 1x1

Buffalo hunting is done from 10-15 days starting at $850 per day 1x1.

Sable hunting is done either with plains game or with dangerous game. There is a good population of sable in the area.


The summer months are from October to April with day time temperatures ranging from 85 - 105F in our hunting areas. The winter months are from May to September with day time temperatures ranging from 65 - 85F. Nights can be cold during this period with temperatures dropping to 35F. Our rains normally start in the middle of November and end in March.

Clothing, ect:

We recommend four sets of brown, green or dark khaki lightweight safari outfits, a soft comfortable hat, good walking boots that are quiet and worn in. It is also advisable to bring sweaters and windproof jackets for the cool early mornings and evenings. Clients should bring a pair of long trousers (not blue jeans) as it is a requirement in a lot of hotels in Zimbabwe.

We recommend clients bring enough film for their cameras, binoculars, a sharp knife and a flashlight with batteries. Clients should bring as little luggage as possible because of possible air charter flights. When chartering an aircraft, soft bags are preferred as opposed to hard cases.

If a clients would like to give any gratuities to staff please could he or she bring out some small denominations in US$ cash as we do not keep this in our camps.


It is possible to hire firearms, however we strongly recommend clients to bring their own rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Clients hiring weapons will be charged $30 per day, regardless of calibre or make. This does not include ammunition which will be charged separately. On arrival in Zimbabwe a temporary import permit will be issued once your firearm(s) and ammunition have been physically inspected by customs officials. It is essential that you state the exact amount of ammunition you will be bringing into the country.

Clients who transit through South Africa on their way to us will have to complete firearms forms for this country. We recommend using Air 2000 to ensure that this process goes smoothly and without incident.

For dangerous game such as elephant, buffalo and lion, calibres of .375 or bigger may be used. For soft skinned animals, any weapon in the 7mm or .38 / .300 range may be used. Sixty rounds of each calibre should be sufficient. For the heavier calibre weapons we prefer a mixture of solid and soft nosed ammunition whilst just soft nose bullets are preferred for the lighter calibre weapons. Trophy bonded, Swift A-Frame or Barnes X are good choices.

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