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Kabra Safaris has opened hunting on New Zealand’s beautiful and rugged South Island Alpine Chamois“Southern Alps” region. The international airport connection is from either Los Angeles or San Francisco to Aukland (North Island). A domestic flight then takes you to either Timaru or Christchurch (South Island) airport, whereupon you are picked up at the terminal by your guide and driven to exclusive hunting properties near Waimate.


Himalayan Tahr In the southern hemisphere, seasons are reversed; our winter is their summer, their fall is our spring etc. The best time for New Zealand hunting is during our spring, a perfect balance for the American hunter who likes to keep his or her North American options open for fall. Hunting can be scheduled from March through July as that is the time of the “roar” or “rut” for most species. The climate then is by North American standards relatively mild, although unpredictable. Four seasons occurring in one day is not uncommon. Temperatures vary between 70-80 F during March, 60-70 F degrees in April and 30-50 F degrees in June/ July as you enter winter.


There are numerous large game animals available during the season and can be mixed with outstanding waterfowl hunting (May) and just perhaps the best trout fishing in the world. One of the interesting aspects of New Zealand’s flourishing game population is that its entirety was introduced from other continents. When Captain Cook first visited the islands in the 1700’s the beautiful lands were devoid of large mammals. European immigrants in the middle 1800’s introduced their most coveted wild game species and they rapidly adapted to an environment free of predators. Today, these magnificent animals can be hunted on huge private ranches or extensive tracts of public lands.

The most sought after trophy quality species are the red stag, fallow buck, tahr, and chamois. The red stag is priced based on either “silver” or “gold” level scores. The antlers on either stag category are impressive to say the least, and make an ideal addition to any hunter’s trophy room. Scoring is SCI and the break point between the silver and gold is 332”!


Red StagFor the 2007 season, Kabra Safaris is offering an exclusive fully guided (1 x 1) red stag hunt package for five days starting at $4,500 US. Days and species can be added to the package. For example, a complete red stag, tahr and chamois package is available for $10,000 US. A tahr/chamois five-day combination package is available for $6,500 US. Prices include trophy fees, daily rates, lodging, meals and airport/hotel transfers. Packages exclude air transport, taxes/fees, gratuities and personal incidentals.


Any time a hunter travels abroad there are numerous details that, when put together, can needlessly spoil what should be a most memorable and successful endeavor. At no additiWing Shootingonal cost, Kabra Safaris will assist you over these hurdles. For example, Kabra Safaris can coordinate all aspects of your air transportation and paperwork for customs (firearm, bow declarations etc) All too often the international hunter’s return of trophies to the United States is frustratingly slow and encumbered with domestic paperwork. As part of our service, we assist in coordination of this process and getting your trophies to a taxidermist of choice. We also are pleased to offer the option of having them done in New Zealand and shipped complete to your residence.


For further information and a detailed brochure on this premiere hunting destination, contact us either by phone or Internet. Non-hunting travel opportunities abound and are also available ….. Don’t let this opportunity pass!


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