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Welcome to Namibia: Namibia is a prime destination for plains game hunting and leopard hunting in the Southern Part of Africa.

Namibia is on the western coast of southern Africa.

Namibia ranges from arid mountainous, to sandy savannah types of climates, We will be hunting all of these areas for species like: leopard, mountain zebra, klipspringer, kudu, gemsbok, springbok, blue wildebeest, giraffe, eland, duiker, steenbuck, springhare.

We are very excited about our leopard hunting in Namibia. Leopard hunting is done over bait or dogs, namibia is the new hotspot for leopard hunting leopard.either bait or by dogs, with dogs being the most successful,. here is the best part the cost is only $9000. This is an excellent area for prime time leopard hunting. Over dogs is very high sucess, 90% sucess rates are not uncommon. This area has not been hunted for leopard heavily in the past, and permits will be available for hunting. Bait hunting can be as well, shots will be 30-80 yards dedpending on the baiting situation. Hunting leopard over bait is done with a limit of 10 days with 14 days preferred.

Mountain Zebra are very prevelant in the hunting area, mountain zebra is a great hunt and excellent stalk and shots can be long distance. Mountain Zebra is a very highly sought after trophy for African Safari Hunters.


The Kabra Hunting team will be hunting leopard at this camp in April.


Accomodations: Various lodge styles are available, including thatch on stone, and european style lodging depending on the area and species being hunted.


The prime hunting season falls during the winter dry season (our summer) , generally starting in May, lasting into October. Daytime temperatures range from 65F to 85F until you get into October when temperatures slowly increase along with incoming rains to a range of 85F-105F over the summer months.


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