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Trophy Hunting in Wyoming!

We are very proud to work with one of the very finest big game guides in the Western United States. Milliron T.J. Outfitting, and head guide Taft Love has taken some of the top book animals in Wyoming the last few years and has built and impeccable record of quality big game hunting experiences. When choosing an outfitter to hunt mule deer, hunt elk, hunt antelope, or hunting whitetail you should look long and hard at choosing to hunt with Taft and Milliton TJ Outfitting

  Our Laramie Peak ranch hunts are done near the town of Wheaten Wyoming. Hunting is done on around 60,000 acres of good hunting land. Mule deer is area J; Elk is area 7 type 1. Mule deer size is averaging around 160-170 class with larger being taken. Elk are in the 300-320 class. This area is going to be producing a very good shot at a trophy class elk or mule deer. Mule deer tags are on a draw basis with your odds being 100%. Lodging is in a Hotel or in ranch cabins. Hunts are all inclusive

Big Piney

The Big Piney hunts take place near the town of Big Piney. Elk is in area 94, mule deer 143, moose 25. Elk hunts are 7-day hunts and are averaging 300-320 class. Mule Happiness is a big mule deerdeer hunts are five days and are averaging in the 160-170 class with larger being taken. Moose is a 1x1 hunt with 45” plus is what to expect on this hunt. Your moose tag will be 25% the first year, growing to 100% on year four. Elk will be about the same. This is an excellent opportunity to get into the moose draw at a very good price. The hunting is fairly easy, and the size of the moose is very good for Shiras. Lodging is ranch lodging, and the hunt is all-inclusive outside of your tag. Hunting is done on 50,000 acres.
Our South Camp hunting has produced some top record book animals over the last decade including the #2 mule deer buck every taken with a handgun (SCI).  The new preference point system will make your hunting opportunities easier to access in this area.  Mule Deer hunting is done in October with spot and stalk hunting being the primary means of hunting.  You will be spending lots of time glassing the outcroppings, and cuts as mule deer will not often move during the day . 

Rawlins Camp

Hunting out of "South Camp" you will enjoy some of the largest trophies produced by the wilds of Wyoming. You will stay and dine in our local motels and restaurants and most of the hunting will be done with 4x4 trucks, four wheelers, and walking. This 350,000 acre private ranch will leave you in awe with its majestic views and the trophies you will take home. Taft has been hunting and guiding on this ranch since 1995 and most of the guides have lived and hunted these areas for a lifetime. The ranch is south of Rawlins Wyoming, it has The lour of the pronghorn antelope in the edge of the Red Desert and the Majestic call of the elk and magnificent mule deer in the sage hills along the north edge of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. With our knowledge of this area and our commitment to you the hunter success is yours for the taking.

Pronghorn Antelope 3/days guided (2x1) $1,750.00

Mule Deer 4/days guided (2x1) $4,500.00

Bull Elk 5/days guided (2x1) $4,950.00

Cow Elk 3/days guided (2x1) $1,250.00

Antelope/ Mule Deer Combo 5/days guided (2x1) $5,500.00

Includes: Transportation During the Hunt, guide, lodging, meals, trophy &meat care with delivery to local processor and taxidermist.


"Hello, I'm Taft Love founder and Wyoming licensed outfitter #BG137 of Milliron TJ Outfitting Inc. I first started as a professional guide in 1995 working on what is now known as our "South Camp" I learned to be a professional guide and outfitter in the fall and worked the rest of the year as a Wyoming Game and Fish Biologist Tech. in field research. I have worked on projects from wild turkey releases and sharp tail grouse lek surveys to the brucillosis testing on elk herds and the black footed ferret reintroduction program. I am a volunteer hunter education instructor and member of Safari Club International, Elk Foundation Wild Turkey Federation, a board member of the Wyoming Pronghorn foundation, and a member of the chamber of commerce.

I have dedicated my life to the outdoors and to those people who enjoy what it has to offer. My guides and I would truly enjoy the opportunity to help you fulfill your dream of hunting Wyoming. Hope to see you in camp this fall."

Milliron TJ Outfitting is an equal opportunity employer hunting on private and public land.


Douglas Camp (North Camp)

While hunting from our "North Camp" you will enjoy the scenic views of the Laramie Mountain Range. All of our North camp hunts are semi guided so you can help to create Brad with his 2003 Wyoming pronghorn Antelopeyour own memories with friend and enjoy good hunting on private property. There is almost 8,000 acres of private ground for you to hunt in this area. We have a guide on hand to help you with knowing the ranch boundries and assist in how and were to find the trophy you are looking for. We have been hunting this area since 2000 and have enjoyed great success on mule deer and trophy antelope. You will stay in local motels and dine in the local restaurants during your stay. This is a great opportunity for the group that wants a do it your self type hunt with someone who has done the scouting.

Mule Deer 5/days semi guided $2,250.00

Antelope 3/days semi guided $950.00

Mule Deer/Antelope Combo 6/days semi guided $3,000.00

All hunts are sold based on a minimum of two people in the party. There are only two sets of hunters allowed in and we try not to mix groups together hunting the same species. Discounts can be made for a group of four , only four deer hunters per year and eight antelope hunters per year.

Included: Guide to assist in daily needs, private land for hunting, evening meal, Motel reservations will be made for you, but motel cost is at your expense, and transportation of trophy to local processor.

Also ask about our guided and semi guided Mule Deer hunts in Nebraska .

5/day guided hunts starting at $2,500.00

We have harvested great animals in the past and hope we can help make it part of your future.  If you have any questions regarding our hunts or need help getting started in the new preference point system feel free to call us at: 888.228.8053.

Antelope :

This is one of the most exciting hunts in North America.  You will see plenty of game and put stalks on these wary “speed goats” to see if you can get within range on them.  Hunts are three days in length and can be combined with a mule deer if you desire.  We also offer a three-day hunt with over the counter tags.  The antelope in this area run about 13 to 15 inches in size. 


When hunting with Taft Love you will enjoy vast amounts of private land and trophy deer. In the South Camp hunting is done on over 350,000 acres of trophy managed guided only hunting, yes that is correct 350,000 acres. This area near Rawlings holds some of the very best trophy hunting for mule deer in all of the West. Every year many deer are taken in the 180 plus class. Last year a hunter took the #3 mule deer with a handgun. On your hunt you will find yourself overlooking large canyons and draws with buck brush and aspen pockets lining the interior. As you glass this expanse of land your guide will help you find the trophy mule deer that you are looking for. Once you have located your deer you will stalk down into the canyon and harvest your trophy.

One of our guides will be with you during every aspect of your four-day mule deer hunt, to assist you in trophy judging, spotting, and stalking. We will provide all of your lodging, meals, transportation during the hunt; trophy and meat care with transport to a local processor. This ranch consistently produces mule deer over 34" with some reaching the magical 30" class every year. We would like to help you harvest the buck of a lifetime, on a Wyoming mule deer hunt.



You will enjoy hunting elk in one of the best areas Wyoming has to offer. Hunting will take place on a large private ranch with bull that will average around 320" 6x6's. You will hunt down into big timber draws and aspen pockets as you pick through the timber and glass the open meadows you will see several elk and small were they last stood or maybe their bedding area. You'll locate a nice 6-point bull and study his behavior as you and your guide work out the details of your stalk.

One of our guides will be with you during every aspect of your 4 day Wyoming Elk hunt, to assist you in trophy judging your elk, spotting, and stalking.

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