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We offer many hunting opportunities for big game hunting, and waterfowl hunting in Canada.  Weather you are looking for a huge Mule Deer, Moose,Caribou, Black Bear, Whitetails, Grizzly, Mountain Lion, or Mountain Goat. Canada has what you are looking for on this page we will break it down by Province and the animals contained within. Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatechawan,
Alberta: Located in central- northawest Canada
 Often referred to as the land of the Giants. And with good reason Alberta holds tremendous trophy quality populations for multiple species.  We hunt a couple of different areas for different species.  Moose, Bear, and Whitetail


Moose hunting is done in two areas, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the changeover area between the agricultural land and wooded land.  Each of these areas hold very good populations and good sizes in the 44"-50" range .Albertais one of the top provinces for trophy Shiras Moose. 

Foothills: This is a 6 day hunt talking place in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Hunting is done in September and November. Hunts are mainly spot and stalk with some calling being done. Lodging is either in tent accommodation, or in town at hotels. Pricing is based on the area, success rates range between 60-90% depending on the time of year that you are hunting.

Packages and Pricing on Request.

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This area is located about two - three hours north of Edmonton in the changeover areas between woodlands and agricultural lands. Hunting here is done in November, when the animals are moving in and out of the feeding areas. The moose will be grouped up during the season, unlike the rut season of September. It is easier to spot the moose as the leaves are off the trees, and most likely there will be snow on the ground. Success rates will be running over 80% and sizes will be 90% plus. Sizes will be over 45" on average on this hunt.

Packages and Pricing on Request.


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Alberta is world famous for its bear hunting, both in quality and in numbers.  There is a two bear limit in most areas of Alberta for either spring or fallBrent Bates with his black bear hunting. There is one hunt that I would recommend due to the quality of the hunt, and the quality of the bears taken.  This is a 6 day hunt that takes place either in the spring or the fall.  This hunt starts at the High Level Airport, which is in Northern Alberta.  These hunts take place in May, and September.  This hunt has a 170% success on two bear, with 20% of them being color phase bears.  The cost of this hunt is on request, with a trophy fee on the second bear if purchased in advance.  Alberta is known for its quality bear hunting, and monster bears neither of these hunts will let you down.  Spot & stalk hunts are also available.  This is a great hunt for either archery hunters or rifle hunters. 

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 Most Alberta Outfitters average about a 130% success rate. In 2006 this outfitters 2 tag hunters had Arizona black bearan incredible 170.0% tagging success rate, one of the highest in the province. We've managed this by: regulating the number of hunters we take, using fresh quality bait hauled to the hunting area in our own 28 ft reefer trailer, setting strategically located baits, and by insuring that our guides know the area we hunt.
When compared to the possibly less than 50% hunter success in other eastern provinces/states, it's easy to see that Alberta is the place to be for fantastic bear hunting!

Packages and Pricing on Request.

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British Columbia: Located in Western Canada

We hunt Moose, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Mountain Goat and Bear in British Columbia. Hunting is in different ranges of British Columbia depending on what species you are after.

Our area is located 6 hours north of the Washington border and 6 hours east of Vancouver, B.C. Fly in city is Kelowna, B.C, which is about 2 hours from the lodge.

Deer: (Mulies and Whitetail)

Hunts are conducted out of the Monashee Mountains of Southern British Columbia.  Mule Deer success runs around 90% on deer in the 160-190 class  Whitetail is also 90% on deer in the 130-160 class.  Cougar is 90% on 14-15.5" skulls, 7.5-9 feet long.  This area produces many B&C Mountain Lion.  All hunters will have opportunities to harvest animals on there hunt. 

Mule Deer are one of the most impressive members of the ungulate family.  The more we hunt them the more they remind us of wild sheep.  The licensed area that our outfitter hunts offers opportunities to hunt them either early or late fall.  The early fall hunt takes place in September and early October throughout the high rocky basins and lush alpine slopes of the Monashee Mountains.  Hiking, glassing and spot and stalk are the ideal methods used for harvesting a true trophy mule deer.  The last week of October and first week of November is when they rut in this area.  The deer population is increasing in this area, and it is not uncommon to see 15-20 bucks in a 7 day hunt.  Accommodations are tents early season and cabins late season.  Price is $3500 guaranteed tags.  MULE DEER: 90%, 160 to 190 B&C points, 240 non-typical and 190 typicals
have been harvested in the area. British Columbia produces heavy horned

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Kabra Adventures is proud to work with some of the very finest and most respected outfitters for caribou in the world. If a caribou is next on your trophy list, let Kabra Adventures put it in your crosshairs.

We work with the very best outfitter in North America for trophy caribou. This outfitter is one of the oldest and most respected outfitters in the hunting world. Last year the overall success was 90% on two caribou – some camps had as high as 98.5% success on two caribou. Very few of our hunters were unsuccessful. We only book 1/3 of our camps to maintain high success on trophy caribou, this way you are ensured many options if the caribou move out of your area. Hunts are conducted in August and September when the caribou are at the peak of the migration. Six day hunts (8 days total) include most everything you will need beyond Montreal. Licenses are $297 per hunter Canadian Funds. Various packages are offered for this hunt.

Kabra offers exclusive hunting options for caribou in Quebec, contact us about pricing and options as we can offer you the very best pricing with this outfitter.

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Trophy Whitetail This hunt is a great hunt, it takes place on Lake of the Woods Ontario.  Bucks run from 8 point up, and you will see lots of deer.  The preferred way of hunting is with shotguns, and driving deer with hounds.  Party hunting is legal in Ontario.  This is a fun group hunt. Contact us for more information on this hunt for trophy whitetail. Prices are very resonable, and we can offer very good rates as we offer these hunts exclusively.

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Saksatchewan is known for its huge whitetail, but it also holds tremendous bear hunting and waterfowl hunting. We offer some brand new bear hunting, that has not been hunted in over 10 years. Please contact us for this new hunting area information.

Waterfowl hunting is done for geese, both Canadian and Speckle Belly near the town of Capri. Hunts are three day hunts with very high results.

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