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Hunting in South Africa

Kabra Safaris has put together the top areas in South Africa for plains game hunting and Dangerous Game Hunting. We hunt in South Africa for plains game and Dangerous Game in the Kalahari Region, Limpopo Region, Kruger Lowveld Area and the Eastern Cape. We are very proud to work with some of the very finest outfitters in all of Africa. You can select from many of our hunting packages for South Africa, or we can custom design a package for you for either rifle or bow hunting.

Kalahari Region

Experience the exciting vastness of the Eastern Kalahari where our privately owned comfortable base camp is situated near the Southern Botswana border in the North West Province of South Dick Cameron with KuduAfrica. Our experienced professional hunters, trackers and camp staff will ensure that your safari, in this Malaria free, game rich Kalahari savannah bushveld, will be the most thrilling experience you’ve ever had. Plains game hunting on our own 25 000 acres and on surrounding areas of 80 000 acres, where Kalahari Safaris have hunting rights, provides some of the best trophy quality to be found in South Africa. Rifle and bow hunting are available throughout the year. Choose from our safari options, with attractive game hunting packages for plains game and/or the Big 5, or customize a safari to suit your needs.

The North West Province, which borders Botswana to the north, is a semi-arid bushveld and savannah area that offers a year round, sunny climate with hot summers and mild winters. It is a summer rainfall region, with a short rainfall season from December to March.

The eastern region has a subtropical climate while the western region has a semi-desert climate. The diversity of the landscape ranges from the majestic Magaliesberg Mountain range in the east to savannah plains in the central region, to the arid plains of the Kalahari in the far western region.

Molopo Kalahari Safaris offer hunting in two regions in the North West Province. The far western Kalahari region, also known as the Molopo area, (named after the ancient Molopo River) and the central region, also known as the Great Marico area. These different areas enable us to offer a wide range of game species with excellent trophy quality. These areas are home to Eland, Sable Antelope, Tsessebe, Kudu, Eland, Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest, Warterbuck, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Giraffe, Bushbuck, Springbok, Impala and many others. There are also over 350 bird species to be seen. From Johannesburg International Airport there are daily connection flights to Kimberley airport. From Kimberley it is 4 hours drive to the Kalahari Safaris base camp. From Johannesburg to the base camp is 8 hours drive. The Great Marico area is 4 hours drive from the base camp in the Kalaharitowards Johannesburg which is only 3½ hours drive from the Great Marico camp. Comfortable air-conditioned vehicles are used for transport to and between hunting camps. During hunts we use well equipped 4x4 vehicles. The Kalahari is known for its huge kudu and gemsbok, gemsbok are native to the Kalahari and grow tremendous horns in this region.

Hunting Season

Hunting is permitted throughout the year. The best time is in our winter months from April to September with mid-winter in July. Temperatures in winter can go below freezing at night but the average day temperatures in mid-winter is between 55°F and 70°F. In April and September day temperatures can go into the 80°F range.

Plains Game Special Hunting Package:

Please note: prices good for 2007 only

7-day all inclusive hunt; includes trophy fees for 5 animals
1 Client, 1 Professional Hunter: only $4500
Southern Greater Kudu
Gemsbok (oryx)

Government Tax on this package will be $190 extra.
Package includes 7 hunting days; plan extra days for arrival and departure.
The package may be upgraded to more days and more animals at regular trophy rates.

Classic Plains Game Safari
Hunt in our best plains game areas where you will find excellent trophy quality!
Daily rate - all prices in US$

Classic Plains Game Safari

Hunt in our best plains game areas where you will find excellent trophy quality.

Daily rate - all prices in US$


Rifle, Handgun and Black Powder hunts:

  • 1 Hunter + 1 Prof. hunter, up to 7 days: $350 / day
  • 1 Hunter + 1 Prof. hunter, 8 and more days: $300 / day
  • 2 Hunters + 1 Prof. hunter, up to 7 days: $290 / client / day
  • 2 Hunters + 1 Prof. hunter, 8 and more days: $240 / client / day

Bow hunter:

  • 1 Hunter + 1 Prof. hunter: $300 / day
  • 2 Hunters + 1 Prof. hunter: $220 / client / day


  • $150 / day

Please refer to Trophy Fees for trophy charges.
Add Government Value Added Tax (presently 14%) to all daily rates.
There is no Government tax on game prices.

Please email or call for current trophy fee pricing.


Limpopo Region (Tabazimbi)
Situated 200km from Pretoria in the Limpopo Province
Located in the foothills of the beautiful Waterberg Mountains of South Africa, This Safari is unlike any African safari available. You will be hunting two properties available totaling 6547 acres. The bowhunting only section (where the lodge is located) is 1800 acres. The 4747 acre area at Dabchick is both rifle and bow hunting and is just a short 7.5 Miles from the lodge. There are new properties that have been leased just for our hunting, this will bring the total of propertis to over 30,000 acres in size. We have an abundance of African Animals available on both properties. The properties contain a mixture of rolling hills, forests, long-grass meadows and typical savanah habitat. We have both man-made and natural water sources and a variety of opportunities for additional hunting including birding and small game to round out your big game hunting safari. You will have the service of a Professional Hunter, expert trackers, and a quality camp staff to make your once in a lifetime hunt more than just a hunt - but an experience to last a lifetime!
Plains game hunting in the Limpopo Region of South Africa is primarly done by the method of spot and stalk with a rifle and blind hunting for archery hunters. Spot and Stalk hunting is available with a bow and is prime during the green season. Hunting is done almost year round in this area. At our Limpopo hunting camp you will be surrounded in comfort. From clean comfortable chalets with private bath, to daily laundry service, authentic gourmet meals and a fully stocked bar.
Package Hunts (build your own for 5 animals)
Bow package 2007 - US$ 4900
Rifle package 2007 - US$ 5900
Any 2 plus Any 3 Any Amount @ $80 each
Gemsbok Warthog Bushpig
Kudu Steenbok Jackal
Hartebeest Impala Lynx
Blue Wildebeest Blesbuck Porcupine
Zebra Bushbuck Duiker
Unsuccessful refund $480 Unsuccessful refund $340 N/A
Additional animals available at published rates

All day fees and
transfer from/to JHB Airport.*
Day visit to Marakele Big 5 Reserve and shopping at Tabazimbi.

Observers $ 150 extra pppd.

Limpopo Father & Son 2007 package - Rifle & Bow Combination Hunt.
US$ 4480 (Father & Son)

This hunt price is for both hunters!

10 day hunt - includes:

All day fees and
* transfer from/to JHB Airport.*
* a day visit to Marakele Big 5 Reserve and shopping at Tabazimbi.
* Supply of rifles for Opportunity / nocturnal animal hunt.

Observers $ 150 extra pppd

2x Blesbuck
2x Bluewildebeest
2x Warthog
2x Impala
2x Opportunity/Nocturnal species - Lynx, Bushpig, Jackal, Porcupine, Duiker or Steenbuck.
4x Guinefowl

50 % off price list for unsecured species

no refund on opportunity/Nocturnal species.

Species Available Trophy Fee
Blesbuck $380
Bushbuck $750
Bushpig $350
Duiker Grey $220
Gemsbok $950
Impala $260
Jackal $60
Kudu $1,250
Lynx $300
Nyala $2,400
Porcupine $225
Red H/beast $850
Reedbuck $700
Reedbuck Mnt $700
Steenbok $200
Waterbuck $1,400
Warthog $200
Wildebeest Blue $800
Zebra (Burc.) $950
Giraffe $3250
Eland $1400
Ostrich $400


Dangerous Game Hunting in South Africa (Cape Buffalo, and Lion)

Big Five Price List 2007

Lowveld area: This area is situated along the western border of the Kruger National Park and hosts all of the Big Five and many plainssgame species. The Big Five hunts in this area are outfitted and guided by an associate outfitter of Kalahari Safaris. This outfitter has extensive experience with the Big Five. Bookings are done through Kabra Safaris. Contact Kabra Safaris for current pricing on cape buffalo hunting in South Africa.

Buffalo Pricing is 5-10 days in the range of $10,000 - $15000 all inclusive

Lion Hunting Pricing on request, starting at $15000 for a male lion ranging to $30,000.

Eastern Cape

Hunting in the Eastern Cape of South Africa is done about one hour north of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Hunting is done on land over 100,000 acres in size. Eastern Cape hunts are great for first time African Hunters, or hunters traveling with there family. Hunting is done between the months of April - September. This area is known for good East Cape Kudu, bushbuck and more. We have been offering hunts in the Eastern Cape for longer than anywhere else in Africa. We offer prime hunting for plains game species. Spot and Stalk hunting is the method for rifle hunting in the Eastern Cape of South Africa


Welcome to the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  Located in the Southeast corner of South Africa, this is the home of some of the very best plains game hunting in the world!  Hunting is done on over 300,000  acres of prime hunting land.  This land is known to be the very best for huge kudu, bushbuck and impala.  The selection in The Eastern Cape is amazing, with over 30 trophy animals to hunt.  
You will fly into the city of Port Elizabeth, from there you will be picked up at the airport by your host, professional hunter. They are regarded as some of the very best hunters in all of Africa.  They have put many clients on animals that score very high in the record book.  From Port Elizabeth you will travel to your hunting lodge.  The hunting lodge is very comfortable, it can house up to 8 hunters but whoever you bring in your group is who will be at the lodge.  We only take one hunting group at a time, this way we can ensure you the best safari possible. 
We offer many different hunting packages, or you can choose to custom design your hunting package.  We are very flexible as this is your safari.  We also offer great deals for Father/Son and Husband/Wife hunting teams, be sure to ask us about those specials.  
When hunting with Kabra Adventures you choose to hunt with the best for African Plains Game hunting.  We take care of all arrangements for your trip from airfare, shipping of your trophies, to taxidermy.  
This region is a malaria free area, so you will not worry about having to get to many shots. 
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